Aims and Scope

The NUST Journal of International Peace and Stability (NJIPS) is a peer reviewed bi-annual academic journal devoted to research and analysis pertaining to the peace and conflict dynamics worldwide. The defining objective of NJIPS is to revivify the understandings of contemporary peace and conflict dynamics in order to emerge with pragmatic perspectives and policy recommendations to address the most ruinous predicaments to international development – and by extension, international peace. Aiming to provide research-based knowledge through the scholarly papers written by national and international authors, NJIPS is committed to publishing original and timely research from around the world. 

Encouraging contributions from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, NJIPS aims to provide platform for academic discussion and debate over a wide range of issues and topics. NJIPS welcomes manuscripts – throughout the year – situated in the broader domain of peace and conflict studies. The topics of interest to NJIPS include – but are not limited to – peacekeeping, conflict resolution, peace building, human rights issues, terrorism, violent extremism, radicalization, multilateralism, regionalism, international law, social movements, and security. The journal publishes research articles, essays, and book reviews.

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