Copy Editing Service

NJIPS realizes that much of the significant scholarly work fails to acquire a place in publications because of language issues. For this reason, we provide an external (paid) -editing service that aims to improve the quality of the manuscript and ensure that the academic content is error-free, impactful, and well-formatted. The copy-editing service can be availed without the limitation of publishing with NJIPS.

The details on the amount charged and payment method will be shared with the author upon request. All queries can be addressed to Editor NJIPS at

Once received, the manuscripts are assigned to one of the qualified (guest) editors who handle each manuscript with rigorous precision and skill. The copy editors delve deep into the text; correcting content-related issues such as word choice, sentence structure, style, and voice. The text is carefully reviewed and proofread to ensure it is free of spelling, grammar, and formatting errors before sending the edited version of the document to the respective author.