Aims and Scope

The NUST Journal of International Peace & Stability (NJIPS) is a peer-reviewed bi-annual academic journal devoted to research and analysis pertaining to contemporary peace and conflict dynamics worldwide. NJIPS welcomes submissions (in the form of research articles, research essays, and book reviews) and covers a wide range of issues that constitute the field of peace and conflict, including peacekeeping, armed conflict and peacebuilding, regional and international security, conflict resolution, and violent extremism and terrorism.

Aiming to provide research-based knowledge through the scholarly papers written by national and international authors, NJIPS is committed to publishing original and timely research from around the world. It aims to provide a platform for academic discussion and debate over multifaceted issues and topics and, therefore, encourages contributions from multi-disciplinary backgrounds. The journal is particularly committed to advance scholarship oriented towards both scholarly and practitioner audiences, in order to emerge with pragmatic perspectives and policy recommendations.