About the Journal

The NUST Journal of International Peace and Stability (NJIPS) is a peer reviewed, bi-annual academic journal. NJIPS welcomes interdisciplinary manuscripts focusing on issues related to peacekeeping, conflict resolution, peace building, human rights issues, terrorism, violent extremism, social movements, security, etc. At the Centre for International Peace and Stability (CIPS), the Department of UN Peacekeeping and Training (PKT) and the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS) have been collaborating for their mission of global peace and stability. NJIPS is one of the milestones in this regard, which aims to provide research-based knowledge through the scholarly papers written by national and international authors. To ensure and uphold the quality of scholastic discourse and circulation, the articles in NJIPS are peer-reviewed and edited rigorously. NJIPS is committed to publishing original and timely research from around the world.