Author Guidelines

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Author Guidelines 

Categories of submissions

NJIPS accepts submissions in three categories:

  • Research articles: the articles report original research to the specific academic and practitioner community that comprises the NJIPS audience. The contributions submitted in this category undergo a blind peer reviewing. The recommended word limit for the manuscripts is 5,000 to 7,000*. An abstract of up to 250 words and a maximum of five keywords are to precede the main article.
  • Research essays: NJIPS accepts research essays — of a maximum of 2,000 words*. The essays must engage with current trends of significance in specific areas that fall within the scope of NJIPS. They are expected to stimulate the debate among practitioners & academics and identify challenges for future research.
  • Book Reviews: reviews of books that lie within the scope of the journal can also be submitted to NJIPS. The recommended length of the book reviews is 600-800 words*.

*The word limits specified for each submission category do not include title, abstract, keywords, footnotes, tables, and references.

The authors submitting their manuscripts in any of the aforementioned categories are advised and requested to read and adhere to the detailed guidelines provided below.

Preparation of Manuscript

  1. Only the files in word document format (with .docx extension) are accepted. However, separate files of the items embedded in the word document may be required in a different format.
  2. NJIPS accepts submissions in British as well as the American style of writing, which is consistent throughout the manuscript. Nevertheless, it is pertinent to note here that NJIPS uses American English in publication and therefore, the authors may be asked to change the writing style usage accordingly once the manuscript has been accepted for publication.
  3. Formatting: The text should be in Times New Roman throughout the manuscript, with the font size of the title at 12 pts, main headings at 11pts, and the subheadings and body text at 10 pts. The abstract and any (numbered or bulleted) lists in the manuscript should be at 9 pts. Each heading should be bold and in a separate line. The subheadings should be italicized, and all text should be justified except the title which should be centralized.
  4. Abbreviations and references should be avoided in the abstract — unless essential.
  5. In the main body of the text, abbreviations should be defined at first mention and used consistently thereafter.
  6. Italics or single inverted commas should be used for emphasis.
  7. Use the table function, not spreadsheets, to make tables containing a clear caption related to the subject matter and the source of information in case of secondary data.
  8. Similar injunctions, as tables, should be followed for figures.
  9. References:
  • NJIPS accepts manuscripts with references in any format that is consistent throughout. However, it is to be noted that the journal follows the updated style guide of the American Psychological Association (APA) for the referencing format, and the contributors may be asked to change the format accordingly after their manuscripts have been accepted for publication.
  • The complete academic reference should, in any way, contain: name(s) of the author(s), the title of the publication (journal article/ book chapter), name of the journal and its volume (and issue if applicable in case of journal articles) or name of the book, its publisher’s name and city of publication (for book chapters), year of publication, and pagination where applicable.
  • Use of DOI is recommended in the reference list.
  • It should be ensured that all the in-text or footnote references are present in the reference list given at the end of the manuscript and vice versa.
  1. Please note that NJIPS uses a double anonymized review process (for the research articles), and therefore, to facilitate the procedure, the manuscript should not contain any identifying information.
  2. If needed, the authors may choose to avail the editing service provided by NJIPS.

Additional Information

All contributors are also requested to provide the following information on the online submission portal:

  1. the full name(s) of the author(s), identification of the corresponding author in case of multiple authors (who will be responsible for correspondence during and after publication), and the contact details including the postal address, contact number(s) (to facilitate correspondence with the editorial team) and email address (which will also be published with the contribution). The corresponding authors are also expected to update the editors, pre- and post-publication regarding any change in the contact information initially provided.
  2. Source of Funding: All authors are to state if they have received any funding for their research and if the funding source has had any influence on their research and its outcomes. The authors should give the full name(s) of the public, commercial, or not-for-profit organization(s) responsible for funding their research. The authors are also requested to state if no funding was received for the research explicitly.
  3. Acknowledgement: The authors can also include additional acknowledgements which should not exceed 50 words.
  4. All authors are to declare that the contribution is their original work and is not under consideration for publishing at any other platform.
  5. List of Prospective Reviewers: The authors of the original research articles are requested to submit two prospective reviewers (including their full names, affiliations, and email addresses in use). Since the journal uses blind peer review, the manuscripts may or may not be sent to the prospective referees identified by the authors.
  6. The authors are also requested to include a short introduction of each contributing author that may include institutional affiliation, qualification, and research interests (not exceeding 50 words each) in the document containing authors’ information to be uploaded with the manuscript at the time of submission.
  7. Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest: All authors are also to include a statement disclosing the potential conflicts of interest (if any) in the attachment containing the authors information.

Submitting to NJIPS

All contributors are expected to have carefully gone through the NJIPS policies for authors and ensure maximum compliance. All submissions are to be made electronically to the journal by clicking here.