Civil-Military Cooperation and Post Conflict Development: A Case of North Waziristan


  • Maria Spychała-Kij



North Waziristan, Civil Military Cooperation


Every conflict in the world, be it internal or external, leaves crippling scars on the affected region and the people that inhabit it. At some point during the resultant chaos, there appears a window of opportunity, which if used wisely has the potential to bring forward effective change. The said window of opportunity is hope for change, but it is also a challenge. The challenging aspect is to most optimally utilize this opportunity - as an instrument to benefit the people and eventually rebuild the shattered society in a stable and long-lasting manner. The primary objective of this essay is to understand the very contours of post-conflict development and to understand the case of North Waziristan in the FATA using the previously mentioned theoretical reflections. The essay is an attempt to understand the challenges confronted by the country and its people from a foreign perspective. The ultimate aim of the essay is to answer whether there is or if there should be a possibility of Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) in post-conflict development in North Waziristan, in addition to understanding the existence of any on-going CIMIC ventures in the area and their role in rebuilding the conflict-struck area. The assertions, conclusions, and arguments in this essay are based on academic journals, articles, and available secondary data alongside the personal interactions with the locals in Pakistan.

Author Biography

Maria Spychała-Kij

Maria Spychała-Kij is a student of Bachelors in International Relations at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. She is currently finishing her semester abroad at Bilgi University in Istanbul, Turkey.




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Spychała-Kij, M. (2020). Civil-Military Cooperation and Post Conflict Development: A Case of North Waziristan. NUST Journal of International Peace & Stability, 3(1), 102–107.




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