India-Pakistan Relationship: A Case of Perpetual Instability


  • Tanzeela Khalil



India, Pakistan, nuclear weapons, border dynamics


The study aims to dispassionately analyze what the future holds for Indo-Pak relations. The two sides have maintained strained relations since their independence from the British Colonial rule in 1947. It appears unlikely that India will change its course of action owing to the US support and resultant dismissiveness towards Pakistan’s peace overtures. The current security situation between India and Pakistan is presumed to be unprecedented because of Prime Minister (PM) Modi’s history of personal involvement in actions against Muslims and Pakistan. Therefore, the improvement in bilateral relations cannot be expected until the time some major compromises are made by the leadership on both sides. The lack of convergence in how each side views its security along with a long history of mistrust, are the root causes of this strained relationship. Although the broader dynamics of the Indo-Pak relationship cannot be analyzed in isolation from the very presence of nuclear weapons in the region; however, the occurrence or non-occurrence of crisis between India and Pakistan is not primarily subject to the presence or absence of nuclear weapons. The actual causes of conflict remain the non-resolution of outstanding disputes. To this end, India lacks a demonstrable and consistent political will to resolve conflicts through a spirit of accommodation, compromise, and reconciliation.

Author Biography

Tanzeela Khalil

Tanzeela Khalil a Former Visiting Fellow South Asia Center at Atlantic Council, Washington DC and a graduate of National Defense University, Islamabad. Her areas of interest include doctrinal and missile developments in South Asia.




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Khalil, T. (2020). India-Pakistan Relationship: A Case of Perpetual Instability. NUST Journal of International Peace & Stability, 3(1), 79–93.




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